Execute script from B4W to local HTML

08 July 2017 14:47
HI All,

I'm still pretty new to all of this, so please excuse my question if it sounds a bit dumb.

I'll be posting 3 questions to help me with my workflow. Here's the first:

Fundamentally, I'd like to know how to send a command (by using JS, or passing it in a URL with a parameter) to the local HTML file.

Here's an example of the scenario…

My canvas is being displayed on a HTML page (let's make it interesting by having it appear in an iFrame).

There's another iFrame next to it showing a HTML source.

So, my objective is to change the iFrame source URL when I click on an object in the scene.

I have no idea how to set this up… I'm presuming we'd start with logic nodes, but maybe a custom JS.

If you know how to do this, please explain it to me, like you would a 10 year old (I'm very new to B4W and JS)

So, what code do I need? How do I structure it? How do I execute it? And how do I bridge between the scene and the local HTML file?

Any pointers would be really useful. Thanks in advance.

All the best
08 July 2017 17:02
There a logic node that might help you:
The JavaScript Callback Node. This will allow you to execute any JS function with a button press inside you Blend4WEb app.
Have a look at this video to see how this works.
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