[SOLVED]The ERROR for loading two model .json files

09 July 2017 19:23
Hi, in my project, I need to load two .json files in the order. When I have loaded second file, the model is visual in the scene, but I cannot get it by
, the error is "print.js:73 B4W ERROR: get object 02_01walk: not found".
But when I loaded the file first, the code is successful.

So , how to load multiple model .json files for different times.
10 July 2017 04:56
If you attach your JS code, I can have a look at it. Maybe you can make a comment in your code like //first object to load. //second object to load.
10 July 2017 05:32
Hi, my code is here
   m_data.load(APP_ASSETS_PATH + "DOCExport/dof.json", load_cb, preloader_cb);
   m_data.load(APP_ASSETS_PATH+"5_girl/1-girl.json", load_girl_cb);
, I want to load two models from two .json files.
10 July 2017 09:25
Dear Will, I found the same question in link, and I solve the problem, thanks for your attention.
To get the character, the right code is here.
10 July 2017 11:28
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