JS without using Project Manager

03 August 2017 11:33

I have a question about creating blend4web application without using local or external server, so without using Project Manager i suppose (or maybe there is an option in Project Manager to create local apps with no need to run blend4web local server)?

I want to do it this way because I want to send my app for testing to people who don't have blend4web but I don't want to post in on external server.

How can I do it? I really need portable WebGL app :)
Maybe someone could send here a simple blend4web html file with a simple JS script rotating a cube or something like that?
03 August 2017 11:54
Hi Lukasz!

WebGL apps normally cannot be run without a web server (local or on the web) - this is a security restriction imposed by the browsers. See more here:
So the Project Manager is not relevant here.

Still, you can work around this problem in the following ways:

1. Use Blend4Web HTML format based on the standard web player

2. If it is not enough, extend the functionality of the standard web player (basically, create your own application packed in a standalone HTML file). The Project Manager can help you a lot here, as you can use it for compilation of the modified Web Player app, which in turn, is used as a template by the Blender/Blend4Web HTML exporter. There was a dedicated topic somewhere on this forum on how to do that.

3. Bundle the web server with your JS app to form a desktop application. See here, here or here for example.

Hope this helps!
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