Unity & Unreal are now "free"

05 March 2015 16:01
Due to recent dumping from Epic Games we have added the corresponding entry to our FAQ.

Okay, but Unity and Unreal have become free, why would I need to purchase your product?

Here is our official answer:

Blend4Web is a lightweight, multipurpose engine ideal for creating typical web applications, including browser games.

Blend4Web has a free version which is distributed under true open source principles (GPL). Our development environment was initially created for the Linux ecosystem. The toolchain doesn't have any non-free dependencies. At the same time we do not enforce using open source components.

Our business model is transparent and we do not offer purchasing missing components after licensing.
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17 March 2015 13:19
Great Yuri!
Visualization expert!
23 April 2015 19:52
Well-said, Yuri.
"Your real duty is to keep your dreams alive."
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