Limit Horizontal Panning on Target Camera

07 August 2017 12:23
I am using a target camera for my application.
Basically, I want to limit the camera so that object always stays in camera's view (prevent user to lose object by panning the camera.
I can limit the vertical panning by setting pivot translation limits -> maxZ . However, I couldn't find a way to limit horizontal panning.
Moreover, it could be useful, if there is some simple single option variable to restrict camera to view at least small part of the main object. Otherwise, some status variable telling that if the object exists inside or outside of main camera's view.

07 August 2017 23:27
You can un-check the Panning option.

Short of writing your own code, you can find more options for moving the camera and changing its move style with logic nodes.
08 August 2017 04:08
Yes, but I don't want to fully limit panning, what I want is to leave panning but make sure my object does not disappear outside of camera view. Thanks!
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