Preloader on Dynamic Object Loading

11 August 2017 08:26
Hi all ,

I'm Dynamically adding 3D objects to my project ..
Am i able to add a preloader ( 0 - 100% percentage wise ) while adding the object ..

Because , when i'm adding a 3D object to the scene , it takes little time and user is not able to know whether the program is working or not

Thanks in Advance ..
11 August 2017 09:16
One of the parameters for the load() function is a progress callback called StageloadCallback(). You could pull data from this for some kind of progress animation.
Another option I have been thinking of trying is make a little animated hourglass or a simple spinning gif animation on a plane. Then hide it with the loaded_cb in the load() function.
11 August 2017 09:27
Thank you very much Will :) .. That was a great Solution .. Worked Nice
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