12 August 2017 17:32

I am working on an AGPLv3 education project and I really wanted a Planetarium like your one to be used in the project.

Is it licensed under the AGPLv3? Or in other words can it be used in such a project?

If not, can you advise the best way to make a similar Planetarium to yours without copying your one, but sort of like, inspired by yours?

The Planetarium is awesome!

Kind regards,

13 August 2017 05:17
Have you seen the augmented reality version?
Visit this link with your mobile device and point the camera to a square target on a flat surface.
13 August 2017 13:11
Wow this is awesome!

Thanks for this share Will!
13 August 2017 17:36
Of course I can't speak for Blend4Web, but here is a page on licensing.
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