Unity is going to get rid of JavaScript/UnityScript

14 August 2017 11:31
There have been some rumors that Unity has plans to deprecate UnityScript (JavaScript-like programming language embedded in Unity since version 1.0). It now appears that they actually intend to get rid of this language. Here is official press release.

It looks like Unity is getting even more unfriendly to web developers than before . And 15% of the users definitely won't be happy with this. It's seems that the only reason they chose this solution is the possibility to work with simple and familiar programming environment. The alternative Microsoft-backed C#, a quite complex language with static typing and classes, remains the only option to do something with Unity.
15 August 2017 07:29
Well , their decision is kind of complicated , The future will be web based OS and all . But in case of server side management and Windows systems C# will perform little bit better . C# is able to read and write files and more system operations . But in future everything will be on-line - cloud based and we have nodeJS ..
23 August 2017 04:53
Definitivamente el futuro de la web es WEBGL,obviamente va a haber muchas tecnologias compitiendo entre si,pero dudo que C# suplante a javascript.
23 August 2017 05:01
The future of the web is WEBGL, obviously there will be many technologies competing with each other, but I doubt that C # will supplant javascript. It is obvious that unity suits C # since it would be out of pity for blend4web, three.js, Babylon .js …… Let's all know microsofoft and its plans to monopolize everything … Aca the problem is not the language, the real problem today is to see which language runs faster on the web, in my case I prefer Python with a compiler like pypy or something like that. I'm not a great programmer, I do not even speak English, I use the translator, but for what I read and practice, javascript is very far from being submitted by another language on the web at Not to be one that complies with the same features as javascript. So C # was made for one thing, javascript for another, osea unity is a video game engine and this very far from being able to represent the web.I support All programs that support blender3D, period and end.
30 August 2017 09:39
With Unity moving away from the needs of WebGL developers, now is the right time for Blend4Web to emerge! :-)

Francesco Sorrentino
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