Windows 10, In App Browser Pinch Zoom Issue

16 August 2017 10:02

I found that in certain circumstances, pinch zoom in/out touch gesture is not working at blend4web application.

1. Microsoft internet explorer at windows 10 (touch device)
-> at Chrome it works fine
2. In app browser of certain Android App

I tested with Sketchfab and it worked for both cases.
Moreover, I tested three.js based application, which showed the same failure as blend4web.

It looks like some browser misinterprets pinch gestures so that blend4web cannot sense it into the right way.
Do you have any idea or work-around for this issue?

16 August 2017 16:20
I don't have a Windows 10 touch device but if you could attach a project file that replicates your issue, it would give the developers something to look at.

"-> at Chrome it works fine"
Does that mean the pinch-zoom works fine in Chrome on Windows 10?

"2. In app browser of certain Android App"
What app?

In your Project Manager, you can use the "Export Project" function to generate a zip file and attach to you post with the "Attach" Button at the lower left.
21 August 2017 10:42
It looks like that this issue is the not depend on my specific project.
You can replicate the issue with below blend4Web demo link.

1. Yes. Pinch zoom works fine with Chrome but does not work on Explorer or Edge browser at Window 10 Touch Devices
2. KakaoTalk, the most popular messaging app in South Korea. You can try to send the URL inside the chat and click the link.
I attach the play store link.
21 August 2017 10:55

Thank you for the report, we'll have a look!
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31 March 2018 13:29
Ya, you will face problem in IE, but it works well in Microsoft edge, After launching Edge, Microsoft did not do much in IE. Besides Chrome Firefox also supports it. You can no more here link
30 January 2019 13:48
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