bin vs json

19 August 2017 15:36
Could someone explain how the .json and the .bin file are related. Is there a way of exporting a .json file that doesn't require a .bin file to ?

The thing is i am uploading .json files to my CMS to load later in a B4W app. Only it is saved with a Uggly Suffix like Eiuhjnksu so if it requires the .bin file i can't upload it with the user interface and i have to hack it onto the server or rename it… because it would require file.bin but the uploading interface would save it as file_euhuhzfl.bin…
19 August 2017 16:38
You can read about it HERE.
You need the bin file but maybe here is a little hack for you.
Open your JSON file in a code editor like Sublime Text. Do a word search for .bin or my_project.bin. Near the end you will see something like this:
[{"binfile": "my_project.bin",

Change the name to what you need like file_my_project.bin and then save it. Your JSON file will now look for a bin file by this name.
19 August 2017 16:51
Thanks for the link.
As for the hack i prefere to rename it on the server. But i think the better solution would be to prevent django to append that uggly string.

OR ??? Could i add just use the .bin file.
Say i uploaded the my project file and then i load it in the scene. Could perfectly add the material on the fly. As it's a kind of configurator project that could do !
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