Blend4Web 17.08 Release Candidate

25 August 2017 18:45
Blend4Web 17.08 Release Candidate is now available for download to the general public.

All users are encouraged to test their scenes and applications and try out new features of the upcoming release which is expected in the next few days.

The list of new features as well as bug fixes can be found in the release notes.
26 August 2017 08:48
Wow, lots of upgrades and changes. Will the Leap Motion work with the HTC Vive? My finger is waiting over the "Order" button.
29 August 2017 16:45
Yep it should work, however some programming might be required to combine our VR and Leap Motion code snippets together.
30 August 2017 13:27
Should be fun. I have a Leap Motion kit on the way. Eventually when this technology works with mobile devices, it could solve a big problem: you can't use the touch screen when it is on your face in HMD mode. With your hands in front of you to interact with the app, I could see a lot more potential for mobile VR and AR.
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