Animated transparency?

26 August 2017 13:52
From the demo "made with" I saw transparency fade in and out but I tried the available options and nothing works? Is that for pro version only?
26 August 2017 14:30
Nope. The pro version is more about licensing closed source apps. All the features are there for you in the CE version.
The code you can use to dynamically control your object is set_alpha_factor().
You could probably do this with material nodes as well.
26 August 2017 15:31
I don't do scripting, I am looking for the practical solution to deliver VR and if this software is the same as Unity when it comes to simple features, I will stop right here and let the company hire Unity programmer.
26 August 2017 19:12
Hello Philip_Fong, please do not get discouraged so soon, you have to know Blender and Blend4Web to get all its potential without scripting, look at this blend, transparency is very animated, open it with b4w and run the preview if you do not understand it I explain it somehow.
26 August 2017 19:14
Sorry I did not upload the blend.
26 August 2017 19:56
Thank you very much Juani,

I saw you example and realized it had to be animated in material node.
So, I added texture into it (which is only sensible if we were to publish it). The problem with blender internal / cycle and now Blend4web is they don't match very well and no clear documentation about it, wasted two days.

Here is the file
27 August 2017 08:56
Hi, you can make the material in blender internal with nodes to animate transparency. The texture requires 3 additional nodes to be seen in b4w.
The Texture node with the name of the texture.
The Vector / Mapping node, you can put the values ​​that I have put in Blend.
The Input / Geometry node, this node ensures that the texture is placed in place.
Take a look at the attached Blend, I hope it will be of your help.

Edited: I had not packed the texture.
27 August 2017 10:23
Thank you Juani,
Now, newbie will have the answer to transparent texture animation.
27 August 2017 12:16
Very nice Juani! Some of us not so new can learn from this
27 August 2017 13:41
I am very glad, Philip_Fong was very discouraged.
I'm glad it's moving forward.
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