Bug Move camera on 17.08

05 September 2017 12:40
Goodmorning everyone.
I found a small bug in the latest version of Blend4Web.
I attach the scene to test.
My scene is very simple.
I have a camera motion that starts automatically when you initialize the scene.
If I export to blend4web HTML mode everything works correctly.
If it switches to VR mode, it blocks the camera and does not move anymore.
05 September 2017 14:13
Hi wox76,
Could you provide a few details?
What browser and operating system are you working with?
Android, Chrome?
05 September 2017 14:33
of course! The problem is detected under Android -> Chrome
With many phones: s6edge, google nexus, LeTv Le max 2….
05 September 2017 15:36
it blocks the camera and does not move anymore.
I think in VR mode, the camera motion is controlled by the HMD input from the device. Let me do a little research and see if there is a way to let your camera continue following a path while remaining in 'eye' mode to allow the HMD to look around.
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