Projects with Blend4Web and Arduino

05 September 2017 22:28
I would like to know if it is possible and if there are already projects that use Blend4Web with Arduino.
I thought of using virtual controls in WebGL as inputs for the Arduino.
Is it possible to relate these two technologies in any way?

Thank you so much
05 September 2017 23:22
Hi Bpergher,
Yes, you can. Blend4web runs normal JavaScript like any web page. So there are multiple ways to do this. Perhaps the easiest way would be to set your Arduino up with an Ethernet shield (or use a Yun) and run it as a web server like they do in this project. In this way, the Arduino gets controlled by URL requests. Then you can use a network logic node in Blend4Web to send any request you want based on a button press or whatever.
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