18 September 2017 14:28
Dear friends!

As of today, I’m no longer in charge of Blend4Web, nor am I working for the Triumph company. Regretfully, both me and my brother Alexander, after careful consideration and due to certain circumstances, chose to quit.

I apologize for the uncertainty and inconvenience our leave may bring to you and your business. What worries me most is that I haven’t had a chance to prepare a replacement for my position and to hand over my responsibilities and ongoing deals. I suggest using the feedback form and the contact details from the blend4web.com contact page in order to recover your business relationship with Blend4Web.

I’d like to thank our partners, all Blend4Web customers and everybody from the community for your trust and support which I so appreciate. Without you we hadn’t achieved such impressive results we are very proud of!

I’m also grateful to my team members for their competence, loyalty and a friendly atmosphere which I enjoyed while working with them. I hope to eventually resume our cooperation, may be in the not so distant future!

Please do not try to reach us via the old emails yuri/alex at blend4web dot com, as we no longer are able to check them. Instead, send your messages to yuri at kovelenov dot ru and alex at kovelenov dot ru. We’d love to coordinate our future endeavors with yours!
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