Tillable Image?

21 September 2017 20:59
Hello - I'm fairly new to this product and am still learning how it works :)

I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a function that could be added for when after a person uploads the image onto a 3D mesh if they could tile the image?

Example of use: A shirt mesh where a person can add their own design on to it - is there a function I could add to allow them to tile their image?

Thank you!
22 September 2017 04:14
Hi jhuffa,
There are a couple ways to do this.
Click the table cloth in this example code snippet. At the lower left, you can click the "View Code" button.

Here is the API documentation for the function used.

You can also accomplish this with logic nodes. In this case you are changing out the material not the texture. So you would be changing the materiel for all or part of your T- shirt. Inherit Material Node.
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