Texture artifacts at extreme angles

25 September 2017 14:00
we are experiencing problems with some transparent materials developed with nodes.
When looking at a surface from a direction close to the surface's normal, an applied B&W alpha mask looks sharp.
When approaching the surface's tangent, the mask starts to become blurred and the non transparent parts begin to "grow" outwards.
Of course this behaviour creates noticeable artifacts.
I am also unable to prevent a texture from being tiled by the engine - regardless of what mapping option I pick, be it extend or clip.
This happens even if I connect the output of a texture to the output node.
The texture has no anisotropic filtering applied, no compression enabled, and I have tried a variety of mapping options, making no difference.
UVs of the model fall outside of the 0-1 range in both dimensions, but I also tried restricting their range.

Anything else I could check? Thanks.
25 September 2017 14:28
Hi! Try to set the Anisotropic filtering parameter to the maximum in the render settings.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
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