WebVR for Google Cardboard...

27 September 2017 04:36
Hey there we have a project coming up soon showing what rural hospitals were like in Australia 100 years ago. Basically it will be 360 videos/animations with hotspot buttons that link to other rooms or closeups of medical instruments.

The client also wants it running on mobile phones and the web for desktops, so looks like blend4web could do that job, so I did a quick scene with Suzanne (the monkey head) and a Sun light exported as html. When I view it on a desktop machine I get the Stereoscopic option, but when viewing it on a iPhone (iPhone 4s and 7, Safari) I don't get that option (or the VR option). When viewing it on a Samsung Galaxy S7, Chrome I do get the Stereoscopic and VR option (but it only works on the Low Quality setting).

Am I missing something?

27 September 2017 12:30
It seems iPhone browsers does not support WebVR API and DeviceOrientation API. I am going to check it later.

Chrome I do get the Stereoscopic and VR option (but it only works on setting).
When you view your app on a desktop machine can you switch render quality to the Low Quality?
Blend4Web Team
28 September 2017 05:19
Hmm ok do you guys recommend another technique to use 360 video with interactivity that would work on most mobile phones including iPhones?

And yes I do get Low/High/Ultra Quality when viewed on a desktop machine.
05 October 2017 07:39
Any ideas?
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