Blender is the most popular Google search query!

29 September 2017 18:02
…at least this is what we have learned from the popular Google Trends service.

Details here/
Blend4Web team - Editor
29 September 2017 22:13

And blender4web could be a top tool with game logic + python direct compatibility, only my opinion, but ok I know that it's not possible.
I used burster plugin sometime, but it don't was continued. Today Unity is a very strong tool, but has problens with webgl. So, blender4web is a very promissor tool. I commented here last year, that the problen for me, is the lack of basic, very basic, tutorials, for things like a pong game, my example with blender:
I see that blender4web API, now has may short codes examples, I'll try use agein blender4web for game development.

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