Sharing Source Files

10 October 2017 17:38
Hello, I'm not sure if this question has been asked here already.
There was a question asked about providing .blend files, but I'm not sure if it is applicable to my concern.

Question: I build an elaborate web page interface in blend4web, and upload it to a free server online. What source files exactly am I required to share?

If the source files I am required to share, as described on the download page for blend4web-ce, would essentially give away for absolutely free what I spent many hours developing, it does not seem fair that anyone could get it instantly for essentially zero effort.
13 October 2017 16:27
For example, if I build golden mario head land in blend4web-CE what is to keep the webmaster of bowser land from taking the mario model and using it for his unknown devious purposes?

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