Controlling object and NLA with buttons

22 October 2017 17:49
Hi all, after understanding material and lighting, I'm working on movements and animations, but now i'm stuck with two problems:

1) I successful followed this tutorial of Ian Scott:

But I'm not able to find the right solution to create two different movements on suzanne when I click one of the cone (my example moving up and down while rotating).
I have attached an image with three different solution I tried (no one of them was right).

2) The second problem isn't a real problem; I have created some NLA animation of different objects, when I launch the "fast preview" blend4web" deploy them correctly, which is good. Now I want to control these NLAs clicking on a mesh like the cone of the first problem.
How I can "connect" these NLAs to a "button"? I made some tries with "play animation" and "play timeline", but I didn't understand how to do it.

Thanks in advance to everyone can help me to understand my problems.
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