How to reverse inherit material ?

28 October 2017 23:36
Hi, Please I want to reverse inherit material for example from material A to Material B then, From B to A again, I tried switch select in the same entry point sequence but it works only one time

30 October 2017 14:49
Could you attach the blend file? It is hard to understand what you are trying to do.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
13 July 2018 12:52
Same here, I'm trying to inherit material second time but no luck.
After setting the new material first time. The get_materials_names function shows the old material names. Not sure how to return back to the original materials
14 July 2018 00:31
You need THREE materials and THREE slots to switch back and forth between two materials because the destination material basically gets overwritten - if you let A inherit from B, A gets overwritten with B. Now you have B+B, and you cannot go back to A.

You need the two source materials A+B and one separate destination slot/material C which receives the current selection. Now you can overwrite C again and again with either Source A or Source B. The object's faces must be assigned to slot/material C.
17 July 2018 17:45
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