Object scale problem with particles.

31 October 2017 07:17
Hi, there!

I am create a plane and cylinder. In the plane I am turn on Particles. Particles are a cylinder. Created as hair only in vertecs.

The original size of plane is [2, 2, 2]; When I am scaling plane size to [10, 10, 10], in Fast Preview and exported .json file this not affect. It is in original size. What is error?

If someone do not understanding me, this is my .blend file in attach.
31 October 2017 08:06
Hello, you must apply the scale, in Object / Apply / Scale or CTRL + A Scale.
31 October 2017 09:30
Object / Apply / Scale or CTRL + A Scale

Hi, Juani. This is work for me.
31 October 2017 20:01
Did it work? I do not understand your answer very well.
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