Autoresize Object by aligning to other object

01 November 2017 11:18

Recently, I am working on processing multiple meshes of shoes.
I have prepared lighting and camera settings of blend file for the first shoe. (let's assume that is first_shoes.blend)
My manual process is as below.

1] Open first_shoe.blend
2] Import FBX of second shoes by using "Bos FBX"
3] Open texture jpg file for second shoes
4] Set shading method as "shadeless"
5] Adjust second shoe scale/rotation to match the first shoe
6] Delete first shoe object
7] Save blend file as second_shoe.blend
8] Export to JSON file using Blend4Web

This process is relatively simple but tedious. Can some of above step can be automized by using the script? Especially can "step 5" be scripted? (Align second shoe's scale/rotation to be aligned to the first shoes). I think it is theoretically possible but not sure that it is possible with current blend/blend4web api.

01 November 2017 12:49
Hi, you can use the Copy Rotation and Copy Scale restriction in Blender, you can also make a very easy script to automate this in Blender with python.
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