HTML file is not working on mobile phone

10 November 2017 14:42
Hi i export my file like blend4web html form, it seems like good on mobile phone. Menu button is active, but i can't any move with touching. I am using Samsung A3 2017, browser is google chrome.
10 November 2017 15:12
Hello! And welcome to our forum!

Did you try to export default scene? Is it working?
Did you try this html on other phones?
Did you try to use json and viewer application loaded on your mobile?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
10 November 2017 15:38
I tried export default screen, it is not working too.
I have an iphone 7, it is working on safari.
I didn't try json file, if it posible i want to use html format. This is useful very much for me.
10 November 2017 15:59
Currently we have no Samsung A3 2017 for testing. This is why I suggested you to try json approach. If json approach is working then the issue most likely in html exporter. I'm not suggesting you workaround, but I'm trying to understand and localize the issue.

Could you try another web browser on Samsung A3 2017, e.g. firefox?

Do you have any experience of debugging web applications on mobile phones? I'm afraid that currently this is only a one way to detect the problem. It would be very helpful to see the browser output.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
10 November 2017 16:18
I installed Firefox and working on it. If i use the json file in my website can i fix Chrome issue?
10 November 2017 16:29
I'm still not sure about the root of the issue. I need more information.

The alternative to a single html file is a separate webplayer application which can load json files.
You can use webplayer and load the json using load agrument:

Please, try this.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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