How to toggle Transform Object node

11 November 2017 01:45
Hello. Using logic nodes, how can I toggle the scale of an object from it's original size, to a smaller size when clicked, and then back to the normal size when clicked a second time?

For example, I am creating a button that I want to shrink (without using an animation) when clicked, and then return to it's normal size when clicked again, or when another button is clicked on screen. Is this possible with only using nodes?
11 November 2017 11:32
Hi, if you can do it, I'll give you an example.
13 November 2017 18:42
Hi Juani. Could you give me an example please?
13 November 2017 19:59
Hello, the example is in the previous post as an attachment. It is a .blend file, the logical nodes are in view.
13 November 2017 21:49
Thank you. I didn't see the attachment icon. I really appreciate the help. That is exactly what I needed.
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