WEBGL Fail on Explorer

19 November 2017 14:40

Is there some global setting such that site owner ( e.g. some wordpress blog) can restrict webgl contents to be uploaded on their site?
We tried to embed our blend4web application with iframe on client's site. (refer link1)
It runs okay on chrome but on explorer it fails to initialize webgl.
Explorer looks compatible with webgl since it can host same iframe code on different site (link 2).
I tried to paste other webgl applications (e.g. sketchfab) on client's site (link 1) by editing html on developer console and all of them cannot initialize WEBGL.
So it looks like some settings of client website is limiting webgl contents on their page.
Is there such kind of options?
Otherwise, could you please advise me what is going wrong?


link 1.

link 2.
20 November 2017 15:01

Main problem is Compatibility Modes. In case of there are enabled forcing Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility Mode. And WebGL is not supported on IE 10. It is better to send request to support team disable forcing Internet Explorer 10.
Blend4Web Team
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