Project won't load on LMS

22 November 2017 19:20
Hello. I am trying to load my course to a customer's LMS, but everytime I try to launch the exported/uploaded B4W .html file it doesn't work. It appears like the B4W preloader is about to start, but the screen freezes showing only the top left quarter of the preloader. (Please see attached image)

I have tried testing my .html project, as well as the basic cube project, but get the same results each time. What would be causing this issue with the LMS, and what can I do to fix it? Thank you.

Extra info: It is my understanding that any B4W .html files I submit to the customer would need to open locally from their secured servers…
24 November 2017 13:02

Can you show the output of the Developer Console? Press F12 on most web browsers and find Console.

As far as I can see you are using Internet Explorer.
Did you try to load the webpage with other browsers?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
27 November 2017 19:13
Hi Alexander. Thank you for the reply. My .html project works fine when I try to load it locally using all browser types. This issue only occurs when trying to open the file via the customer's LMS, and yes, they do use Internet Explorer.

When I view the Developer Console it looks like there is an error: "Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener' ". Is that an issue you are familiar with?

Please see the attached screen shots and text file. Thanks
27 November 2017 19:29
I googled addEventListener and found some info about modifying IE's security options. I unchecked "Enable Protected Mode" and then restarted IE. Then when trying to open the same B4W html file on the LMS I get the following message: "The attached page targets document mode 5. Some console APIs and features may not be available."

Not sure it is helpful for you, but I've attached a screen shot.
27 November 2017 20:01
I'm learning something new with every post . I googled the mode 5 message and found some useful information about using F12 to check the Emulation mode. I tested the Document Mode as Edge, and my html project works! However it doesn't work on any of the other modes.

I'm not exactly sure what to do next. Any thoughts?

In the meantime, I am going to find out exactly what version of IE the customer is using… What's the oldest version of IE that can support B4W projects?
29 November 2017 12:11
Actually IE is not the best choice for WebGL. Only IE 11 supports WebGL and it is not even 1.0 version, but just 0.94. And Microsoft recommends to use Edge for all situations. I think, the better way for your customers is to listen Microsoft, or just use actively developing browsers: any of Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
29 November 2017 19:27
Thank you for replying Alexander. I never knew how much about javascript, web development, and programming I would be learning when I started using Blend4web a month ago. It's incredible, especially when my understanding of those things has gone from me feeling like a deer in headlights, to everything seeming very obvious to me now (often it's literally over night).

It turns out I have been making things a lot more complicated than I needed to when trying to open my html project file on the customer's LMS. IE is their default browser, and because their LMS is not set to open files in IE 11 by default, my B4W project simply won't work unless they change their settings. It's all so obvious now, but I was so deep in settings, code, and a developers mindset, that I just needed to reset myself, and look at everything from a fresh perspective.

Thanks again for your commitment to solving this issue, and others that you have commented on. I really appreciate it.
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