360 image on sphere

27 November 2017 08:16
Greetings… I have been following a tutorial on how to transfer 360 images taken with a smartphone, and creat a sphere. So far so good…. While working in blend4web the image is crustal clear, but once I export it to html, the image goes blurry and slightly out of focus, even if I use a hi-res image of up to 5mb… I'm guessing I am missing a render setting, but these are not available while using the blend4web engine. Any ideas…? Thanks in advance…. blend file attached…
27 November 2017 14:44

You havn't packed your texture into blend-file "sphere1 med lrg flipped.jpg".
File->External Data-> Pack All Into .blend
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
27 November 2017 15:33
I learn something new everyday, awesome…. It is now done, thanks for the response, updated blend attached
27 November 2017 17:54
In Google Chrome you can see the file exported to html very well ..
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