Materials causing error

25 March 2015 05:30 #1809
I get the following error in console when loading my scene in Chrome, apparently due to a problem with my materials:

I'm going to dig around and see if I can find the exact cause, but I'm hoping you can come up with an answer or clue just from the above. For whatever it's worth, I have no problem seeing my scene when using the exporter.
25 March 2015 09:56 #1812
Can you please give us an example of the blend file? I'll try to fix this problem.
You can send it to my mail
Blend4Web developer
27 March 2015 00:15 #1838
OK, thanks! I'll have it to you in a bit.

Also, I should have written "HTML exporter" in the OP; it's when I switch to .json & engine that I hit my snag.
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