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01 December 2017 12:32

Can possible unity project (Asset) import in blend4web?

Thanks in advance .
06 December 2017 12:48
Hi !

Yes, you can import any textures baked for Unity project. You also can reconstruct materials with sss or curvature, it's little bit tricky way, but it works. Models with mesh animation also can be imported in B4W.

By the way, we about to prepare a huge improvement for B4W this release! It should be a crucial feature especially for Unity users - BSDF Ubershader for PBR configurations is coming. We tested it and it's totally amazing!
Blend4web UI designer
06 December 2017 16:05

Can possible unity project (Asset) import in blend4web?

For assets you can use exchange formats e.g. FBX. Export your model from Unity (or from any 3d package) to FBX and import it to Blender. Unfortunately, most likely you will meet some issues during import. Ask here about any problems
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
15 December 2017 15:14
Thanks for reply
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