UV Texture Image PNG and Transparency not working on export

02 December 2017 20:43
Hello everyone. im new for using blend4web. and i have some question, i hope someone can help me.
i'm a college student who is working on a thesis. On my thesis, I will create some 3d objects of plant so i made it from blender, but i found some problems. when the 3d object that I created is displayed on render view, all looks good even the leaves that I make also look good (material, transparency work very well). But problems arise when I export the object that I created to html..After i exported the object to html, image texture and transperancy on plane (leaf) can't showing, and also the tree object is gone.

I've tried some solutions but still did not work. the last solution I did was make uv mapping for plane object (leaf). but after I export this to html, mapping that I made a mess, but when i see in render view looks perfect.
what should i do to make leaf work on html? and why my tree object is gone?
i really appreciated all answers that give to me. im sorry if my english isn't good enough

attachments :
attachments :
image 1 = all going well on render view
image 2 = one of some nodes that i try. but still didn't work
image 3 = on html, the tree object is gone and the leaf texture, transperancy etc not working
image 4 = some of information when i push f12
03 December 2017 19:32
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