fur material

18 December 2017 13:52
I want to know what is the process of creating fur material because If I take the fut material from material library and apply to my object, it doesnt look like the same as object you applied the fur material in material library.
I attach the image of my material (the lenght is 2 cm) and I want to to know how can I reach to the same result ?
20 December 2017 15:38
fur material from the library includes two types of objects with separate materials. The lower material is called fur. The second one called fur_layers is for hair. To make it look properly you should use mesh with several layers:

For example you can use "Array" modifier with a small offset between layers (don't forget to aply the modifier)
26 February 2018 14:43
Nice try but you can append a blend file with this example?
28 February 2018 13:54
We can't publish here the textures from the pro sdk. The approach is described quite clear by Nikita. What difficulties have you encountered?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
01 March 2018 18:52

I need to create a make-up brush, in order that I studied the composition of blender example of fur.
My result is this (first image 1_brush)…but I need to orient the brush in one way like the real brush (second image 2_brush)
and change colors and variations (third image 3_color_brush).
Can someone help me to create this materials /geometry ?

Thanks in advence
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