Dynamic Loading Sensor Error

07 January 2018 04:40
First and foremost, BIG thanks to the devs of B4W. It has been my first introduction to web-based 3D interactivity.

I have a static environment that has a box in the middle used for dynamic loading. The box is surrounded by planes on each of the faces. These planes are hidden and only used for selection. Each face also has its own EMPTY object that I use as a spawner location for the dynamic loading. I followed the "furnishing a room" example to set up my scene. Each object is allowed to move within the bounding box face that it has spawning upon.

Before dynamically loading any object (when collision sensors are created) I can select each of the faces of the cube and verify that the correct spawner is being chosen.

After dynamically loading an object, it spawns at the correct location, but then after selecting a new face to dynamically load the next object, I get the following error:

B4W ERROR: get_sensor_value(): sensor not found

I'm not sure what is causing it and I have run through my entire codebase multiple times and can't seem to find the issue.

I cannot post the project publicly but can send it to a dev through email if necessary.

Many Thanks!
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