zip file won't open

08 January 2018 11:32
Every time I download Blend4Web CE 17.12.0 and try to open the zip file I get the following Windows error message -

Compressed (zipped) Folders Error
Windows cannot open the folder

I am using Windows version 10 and I have downloaded the file using Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Is it possibly the file size? is there a torrent available to download the file ?
Computing Teacher
website -
08 January 2018 21:15
I had the same problem.. tried 7zip and found that it gave me a directory length problem.

I used winrar to extract it and it worked.
08 January 2018 22:13
Used winrar and it worked, thanks :)
Computing Teacher
website -
20 February 2018 18:37
It looks like all the files with too long paths are inside the blend4web_ce\tools\node\ directory. Btw., I found an unzip.exe in my Git program directory and used this from a command prompt window. This worked too.
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