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27 March 2015 09:48
Nice interactive model by Nicolas Charmel.
Direct link to the model
Try to open the bottle cap!

The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
31 March 2015 15:34
Hi Yuri,

First of all, thank you very much for the promote of my work.

And thank the whole team of blend4web for this amazing and fantastic addon.

Since I'm not a developper at all, I've been wainting for a too long time the possibility of showing little interactive scenes through a web page and, most of all, without external plugin for the client such as java nor flash.

And you did it !!! And from Blender, what's even better !!!

So, again, thank you all very very much !!!

Now, we're waiting for faster connections between servers, waiting for better devices for everyone, in order to let them enjoy this huge improvement quickly, but all of these are coming in the next few years, let's hope it …

I am very glad you appreciate my little boat in the bottle, but have you seen my special B4W gallery ?

Here is the link :

Other B4W scenes

I'm a little prouder of the grammohone, and the gun toy too…

Hope you'll enjoy them.

31 March 2015 15:53
Other B4W scenes

I'm a little prouder of the grammohone, and the gun toy too…

WOW! It's Fantastic! Great work!
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
31 March 2015 16:16
Hi Nicolas,

We are happy to meet you on our forum! Your works are just… impressive! We are going to promote them as beautiful examples of what is possible with Blender and WebGL.
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01 April 2015 11:58
Here is a link to that awesome gramophone - click on digits to play music.

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03 September 2016 15:16
Hello everybody,

Since new logic editor allows a lot more features, I have improved this grammophone and some other 3D presentations I had made.

Take a look at the piano toy for example, and play it.

Nicolas Charmel Interactive 3D
05 September 2016 10:31
Wow! The piano demo is so good!
And everything loads pretty fast. Amazing job!
13 October 2017 06:54
Good life needs no explanation!
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