character movement through open ended cylinders

15 January 2018 17:15
Hi everyone,
I have been working through the fps tutorials and concepts to look at moving the camera through a scene. I just wanted to know is it possible to use this technique to travel through a round cylinder with open ends.
I tried but the collision settings when cylinder or box are selected are for a solid shape with an internal volume. I would need the cylinder volume to be empty space that the user can pass through and the cylinder edges to become the walls that the character collides with when detected.

ANy thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Kindest regards
16 January 2018 11:54
I've modified the firstperson example for your case.
You should turn on Special Collision for the Material of your collision. And disable Object Physics and Collision Bounds on Physics tab. In this case you can make any mesh, but it will be static.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
17 January 2018 15:54
that is fantastic thank you for the file and explanaition.
You guys are really doing a great job and I love the possibilities of your product.
Kindest regards
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