Import Project on 17.12.0 (module rgba not found)

15 January 2018 19:08
Dear support I've a problem with my project imported on the new 17.12 release (not RC).
here below the error that i receive

Uncaught Error: Module "rgba" not found
at b4w.js:46636
at visual_configurator_engine.js:23
at Object.__b4w_default (b4w.js:46650)
at Object.b4w.require (b4w.js:46657)
at Object.engine.init (visual_configurator_engine.js:217)
at initializeVCE (visual_configurator_engine_test.js:10)
at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (visual_configurator_engine.html:24)

Can you please help me ?

Thanks in advance and Best Regards
16 January 2018 10:54
You have found a bug. Temporary fix is to add next code to index.js in the SDK root directory:
import m_rgba from "./src/extern/rgba.js";
b4w.rgba = m_rgba;

If you have a problem with applying fix, please inform us.
Blend4Web Team
16 January 2018 12:01
Works fine thanks !
08 October 2019 08:53
hello everyone, I have the following code just a part of my whole program:
"use strict"

// register the application module
b4w.register("sample_project_main", function(exports, require) {

// import modules used by the app
    var m_app = require("app");
    var m_cfg = require("config");
    var m_data = require("data");
    var m_preloader = require("preloader");
    var m_ver = require("version");

    var m_mouse = require("mouse");
    var m_tex = require("textures");
    var m_scenes = require("scenes");
    var m_cont = require("container");

    var m_rgba = require("rgba");

I'm getting black screen whenever I add
var m_rgba = require("rgba");
and I needed it to use set_diffuse_color,

thanks for the help!
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