Creating Blend4Web Materials. Complicated Materials

23 January 2018 17:41
The final article on creating Blend4Web materials is out, and it explains how some of the most complex materials that you can find in the Blend4Web Material Library were made.

Read it here: link
Blend4Web team - Editor
10 February 2018 23:54
А как сделать стеклянный материал с водой внутри?
I am a Blender user till 2012. I use laptop mostly and GPU is GT740M. I use Ubuntu.
01 January 2019 07:30
The structure of the material used for inner parts of a gemstone is similar to the one used for ice material. Its base is a black and white cubemap (2) colored using another cubemap (1) – this approach allows for producing a wide range of highlights.
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