Shadows on the environment Dome

07 February 2018 13:50
Hi All, I have a little problem with my project.

I the project I have a mesh Dome where is projected an equirectangular image.

at the center of the dome there is a motorbyke. For project shadows of the bike at the floor of the dome, i've checked the receive shadows checkbox and all it's ok in terms of shadows but, I see the shadows of the mesh faces in the top part of the dome (see the screenshot). someone can help me to solve this effect ?

Thanks In advance, regards.
08 February 2018 13:58
I think that you are using the Blend4Web Ambient Occlusion (SSAO). Do not use it or use material type shadeless
08 February 2018 14:01
Hi Nikita, Yes I use it, but i need shadows at the floor of the Environment, so i cannot use a shadeless option.
08 February 2018 14:40

You can use such the node material.
08 February 2018 14:53
Oh Wow Perfect Thank you Nikita !!!
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