Blender 2.72 & Blend4Web 14.09

18 October 2014 00:43
I installed Blender 2.72a today and after getting the Blend4Web addon in, it comes up with a warning "Blender version mismatch. Blender 2.71 is recommended for the Blend4Web addon. Current version is 2.72."

It seems to export just fine. (at least a simple html export works okay) Should I not work in 2.72 until Blend4Web is updated?

18 October 2014 01:24
"It seems to export just fine." is the criteria I always use to decide to keep going or not.
18 October 2014 04:32
Hi Zakaro, trepaning

This message is shown just as a warning. While 2.72 seems working fine without recompilation I'd recommend to wait 1-2 weeks until Blend4Web 14.10.
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29 October 2014 08:51
Me too saw this error of version mismatch but everything else worked fine. It may be just a sensing of different code version and popping up error.
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