Bug with "transform object"

13 February 2018 06:20
What is the bug with "transform object"???? because my scene is all working awesome but I was going to write you about that:
my problem is once setting up the object to move one step to the left and continue moving at every click of the user, when object is clicked for the first time it jumps very far…then it starts to work as it should (the way i set it up, every click moves a bit). Is this what is going on???? no matter what I do (ctrl+a to reset location, rotation and scale, object to origin, etc).
It always goes far, so then to work well after the first click.
If thats the case where/how do I apply the patch?? i will look online to find out…you have done enough for me.

Thank you !

Thank you !!!
13 February 2018 12:00
Answered here
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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