Making a knife in b4w

21 February 2018 01:32
Bonjour à l'équipe b4w ainsi qu'à la communauté française

Voici une réalisation d'un couteau avec le b4w.
Savez-vous s'il est possible d'avoir une meilleure résolution pour le texte?

(sorry for this message in french my english is very bad)
28 February 2018 12:02
Hello! And welcome to our forum!

Nice knife!
This is a common issue of small parts rasterization. You can improve the readability a bit at great distances by turning on the ultra quality. But any way you will have such aliases and the best results you can obtain only using html text, e.g. using custom anchors (see sdk). In this case you have to create a project with a html and javascript code.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
01 March 2018 14:31
Thank you for your reply,

I do not program [sourire = pleurer], so I will try to replace the text with a picture 'text' with alpha, maybe it will have a better resolution.

Maybe French programmers pass them by this post …[sourire = sourire]
Again thank you and sorry for my bad english
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