Texture size difference in the Viewer

01 March 2018 12:11

I created a 3d Model of a Bag for a configurator, i did my best do reduce all the texturessizes, I Baked them into a texture atlas, and exported into jpg. I have now have 6 textures, all the textures combined for the project are taking up 5 MB in my explorer Folder, however when i start the B4W fast preview from within blender, it says in the chrome browser:

Textures: 72 MiB (6)

Am i missunderstanding something??
04 March 2018 00:54
Hello! And welcome to our forum!

See the documentation.

"Video memory indicator
Is located in the bottom right corner of the rendering area. It displays the amount of video memory used by geometry, textures, render targets, and also the total memory usage."

The textures must be prepared for GPU, they should be converted to a different format, which has bad compression. Blend4Web SDK has tools for converting your textures to more fast formats such as PVR or DDS. See corresponding section in the documentation.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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