New to Blend4web

07 March 2018 12:15
Firstly, let me introduce myself, I ‘m a lead 3D artist using Blender in a small studio in Barcelona. We’re digging into 3D web developement because some costumers ask us about it.
I’ve heard about blend4web since along time ago but until a few months to now I installed it and I’ve been testing some examples.
I would ask to Pro users about their experience, sensations, and workflow.
We’ve seen others developers start Verge3D, I don’t know if this is the better place to talk about it but we want to know what do you think.
They say they manage some blend4web problems and some blend4web’s costumers move to their software, like NASA, GE, VisCircle studio…we don’t know it’s true but some YouTubers whom make blend4web’s video tutorials are now making Verge3D’s videos.
It makes us to think about it.
We’re still interesting in blend4web but we like to know your opinions.
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