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07 March 2018 13:09
Hi there,

I am creating a complex gear system animation and have been trying to use drivers in the graph editor to control rotation of the gears. I noticed that :
- Using constraint Copy rotation works fine but the modifier is quite limited in Blender for advanced gears system
- The transformation constraint could be a solution but it looks like it is not supported in B4W
- A solution for an advanced control is the an animation driver set in the graph editor but I can't get that to work. Am I doing something wrong ? Any check box to enable somewhere ?

What could be other work around ? I baked the driver animation in a NLA but…you know…I would prefer to avoid baking and keep an editable animation at any time for tweaking.
Thanks for you inputs
And keep up the good work !
08 March 2018 13:04
Gosh, I have been working around that without any success yet
The thing is : I need to control the gears constraint seperately cause the project is an e-learning/training exercise. Their influence have to be dynamic (set buy user) so….animation baking is definitely not an option…or ?
Any ideas ?
08 March 2018 19:31
Quick screenshot to help.
Is there a way to get the second gear to follow the z rotation with a driver like this one in B4W ?
In that simple exemple, a copy rotation modifier is enough but i need much more than that. To control gears that wouldm't have the same amount of teeth for example.
Thanks !
13 March 2018 14:43
Well, I suppose you've seen this video tutorial.

1) You can use javascript and there will no limits, but you would calculate rotation for each gear manually.
2) There is a solution, which unfortunately is also limited, but can be implemented with "Copy Rotation". This is the case where number of teeth of lead gear less then the current gear teeth number (see the video tutorial).

I've added a task to add support for "Transformation" constraint to our TODO list.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
13 March 2018 18:23
Thanks for your feedback !
I will investigate the javascript approach. Any advice on where to start to control rotation with JS ? A good b4web tut or example :) ?
The copy rotation is really too limited. Glad to read that the transformation constraint is in the TODO list !
Keep up the good work,
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