animation drivers

07 March 2018 13:09
Hi there,

I am creating a complex gear system animation and have been trying to use drivers in the graph editor to control rotation of the gears. I noticed that :
- Using constraint Copy rotation works fine but the modifier is quite limited in Blender for advanced gears system
- The transformation constraint could be a solution but it looks like it is not supported in B4W
- A solution for an advanced control is the an animation driver set in the graph editor but I can't get that to work. Am I doing something wrong ? Any check box to enable somewhere ?

What could be other work around ? I baked the driver animation in a NLA but…you know…I would prefer to avoid baking and keep an editable animation at any time for tweaking.
Thanks for you inputs
And keep up the good work !
08 March 2018 13:04
Gosh, I have been working around that without any success yet
The thing is : I need to control the gears constraint seperately cause the project is an e-learning/training exercise. Their influence have to be dynamic (set buy user) so….animation baking is definitely not an option…or ?
Any ideas ?
08 March 2018 19:31
Quick screenshot to help.
Is there a way to get the second gear to follow the z rotation with a driver like this one in B4W ?
In that simple exemple, a copy rotation modifier is enough but i need much more than that. To control gears that wouldm't have the same amount of teeth for example.
Thanks !
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