Release Cycle

09 March 2018 03:52
Just a suggestion, why not release blend4web along side blenders release dates. Not only would it be convenient when managing multiple versions of blender / blend4web in day to day workflow, but it will also allow a better wireframe for the blend4web development for when to release a specific feature. For instance now that eevee is coming up for 2.8, blend4web can prepare its next release with specific features related to the eevee release, and a user would only have to download one of each. The user will also be able to keep track of updating blend4web every new blender release. I would prefer blend4web packaged as a disabled by default addon in blender, and when enabled allow to download the sdk for the current blender. I dunno, just a suggestion. To be honest I visit blend4web every 2-3 months now to see updates rather then once a week when you had frequent releases and the direction of blend4web seems to aim for more turntable products and configurators as a solution rather then focusing on implementing 3d to all aspects of the web which is one of the reasons I was very enthusiastic about blend4web. Multiple projects I have been proposed for work were not a possibility due to the nature of blend4web and its current limitations. Sorry for the long letter, thanks for being great guys keep up the good work and I hope my release cycle suggestion may be relevant to your situation developing.
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