"B4W Warn... Material not assigned to any face" - why are they exported to begin with?

20 March 2018 21:20
Is there a way to automatically exclude (from exporting) those materials that will not be used anyway?

I know it can be done by hand for each material (Material->Export Options->"Do Not Export"), but that can be a lot of work if the scene has lots of materials.
22 March 2018 01:49
The materials are exported by default because they can be used in js code when application running. Just imagine that you are checking reversed "Export" flag on each material you've created to see it in your app. This is not convenient. This is why by default all entities (objects, materials etc) are exported. But I think there could be an option "Minimize export" which should use logical and predictable criteria for such minimization. Took this into account.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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