Only horizontal appearance on mobile (not rotatable) - v16.12

25 April 2019 12:47
Hi Guys!
How do I set up the blend file to show the application in a mobile browser only horizontally?
The last project - 4Bit - Bin to dec conversion - in version 18.05 on my mobile does not appear (S6 - Chrome and S9 - Chrome || In Firefox perfect) That's why I made it in version 16.12 because it appears. Do you have an idea for someone?

I'm glad the forum is running again Hungary Blender Community Site
28 April 2019 20:28
Hi Guys!
I couldn't find a solution to the previous question, but the final version - v16.12 - is ready.
Binary to decimal conversion
(I also made the English version - Language and help selection with flags) Hungary Blender Community Site
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