Do I setup PBR materials in Cycles or in Blend4web?

11 April 2018 09:22
Hey there I can't seem to find any obvious documentation but where do I setup PBR materials? In Cycles or in Blend4web?

Because in this tutorial ( ) it's saying Blend4web but here ( ) it seems to be using the Cycles Principled node.

Thanks in advance.
11 April 2018 12:23
Hey Ross!
Our PBR pipeline lays on the Cycles mode, so Just switch blend4web to cycles to set up your materials which you want to base on Principled BSDF. There's our doc with inputs which we support for now ->
and we're working on supporting all the inputs and will do it in the near future!

It's little bit experimental usecase and it brings some misunderstanding in our blender viewport. To chase the black instead of your material with texture in material mode of Blend4Web just add the output node in your cycles material and connect your principled material output with it.
Blend4web UI designer
12 April 2018 03:18
Ok thanks Alex,

so does that mean I setup all my materials in Cycles, then any other options (like casting and receiving shadows) I do in Blend4web, and then when I finally export my file I do it from Cycles again?

Thanks in advance.
13 April 2018 11:26
Yes, casting and recieving shadows you can configure in blend4web object mode, it works with any supported cycles material. It doesn't matter which mode to set for exporting .html or. json. You also can use Fast Preview in both modes Cycles and B4W.
Blend4web UI designer
18 April 2018 02:59
Ok thanks for that Alex.
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